my first post: getting started…

so im starting this to keep track of any sort of progress that may come out of this…

i joined crossfit about a month ago and loving it. before that i was just going to the gym to run and lift a few light weights.. and then i got tired of running and starting to just lift light weights or do plyometric exercises and it worked fine for me, but i started to lose motivation to go to the gym at all and unfortunately i dont have the discipline to exercise on my own without calling it quits the second i get tired.. so joining crossfit was perfect! i love that the classes are an hour long and structured. i love that the “WOD” is only 10 minutes long. it really is the best thing ever..

the other thing i tried started doing was eating a paleo diet since starting crossfit… except i cheat all the time. my diet was comprised of fried chicken, take out, chips and junk… but i never felt sluggish and/or tired from eating all that junk.. maybe i did and i just never noticed, but i never felt that way. … i do enjoy the cooking part. ive always enjoyed cooking but the only problem is the paleo diet restricts a lot of ingredients im used to working with so every time i try out a paleo recipe.. im scared to taste it.. because i feel like its going to taste awful. so far the only bad thing i’ve made was eggplant lasagne and it was because the recipe called for cumin.. which made an italian dish taste like curry.. .. ive made homemade mayonaise, homemade chipotle marinade, homemade filet mignon which tasted better than any steak house filet i’ve ever had (and i’ve been to pretty much every steakhouse in boston..), homemade paleo chocolate chip cookies, and ive gotten into smoothies! also, i appreciate my (scheduled) “cheat meals” more.. like the other day, my boyfriend and i were craving burgers (bun, fries and all) and went to Five Guys.. it was heaven!

so we’ll see how this goes.. and hopefully ill keep posting so i can keep track for myself!



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