Paleo Fail

..failed that initial paleo challenge. BUT! I did do the Whole Life Challenge for 60 days and that made a huge difference! I was skeptical at first about paying to sign up, but it was probably one of the best things i could’ve done… next to starting cross fit. it was an awesome experience and honestly, everyone should do it at least once.. unless you’re just really disciplined and motivated. You sign up for WLC and you pick either Advanced, Intermediate or Beginner levels. Depending on what level you pick, you have stricter dietary restrictions and limited number of points per day. In addition to the food part, you can earn bonus points by doing the “Lifestyle Challenge” (changes weekly) so you can have a “cheat” food. The lifestyle challenges were actually were good ones too like meditate for 10 min everyday. And even though there were a lot of times when i “cheated”, i’m still so much more aware now of the choices i make. Anyways, it was a great experience. 




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