I started crossfit about 7 months ago and had started to make some gains.. but I somehow injured my back ..not crossfit related. I’ve had back problems for awhile and had acute exacerbations here and there.. but I woke up Saturday with burning pain down my right leg that just got worse over the course of 3 days.. I started taking pain medicine but wasn’t getting good pain relief. It was to the point there I couldn’t bear weight on my right foot at times. My littler sister’s boyfriend who’s in PT school came over and did some distraction and back extension exercises and I had about 2/10 pain for about 5 minutes until the pain started to come back. I’m to the point where I have numbness and tingling in about 75% of my right foot/leg. I went to go see a PM&R doctor yesterday and he was great. He got me an appointment in for a cortistone injection that same day. I didn’t experience immediate pain relief from the cortistone injection, but I’m hoping it will help. I’m still taking pain meds and trying to do the recommended exercises. I have a PT appointment coming up next week, but I’m out of commission. No work. No crossfit. 

It’s really made it awful. I feel like a burden on my wonderful boyfriend who has supported me so much through all this. I feel completely helpless and I feel hopeless. I’m trying to stay strong through all this, but it’s just so hard especially when the pain is really bad. Everyone says that it’ll go away and everything we’re doing will help, but it’s hard to feel that way when things have just gotten worse. 



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