Gettin through the pain

I dont know how I hurt my back but woke up last Saturday morning with burning pain down my right leg that got worse over the next few days. My MRI explains why im experiencing the pain I am, but I still have no clue how it happened…
The pain was so bad, like excrutiating bad.. I wanted to chop my right leg off to make the pain go away. Then I developed numbness and tingling down my right leg, the outside of it all the way going down and all the way down to my toes/foot. I ended up unable to bear weight on my right foot when the pain was a 10/10 pain. It was miserable. And I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance and even though i work in healthcare, I really don’t like to take medications as much as my boyfriend thinks I do. But the pain was so intolerable, I had to. It was so bad though, I had to get a steroid injection to my spine. I’ve kept a pain diary since the injection to track my progress!image

Today is Day 4 post-injection and I’ve only been having to take ibuprofen (and fish oil to help with inflammation)! YAY! *high fives all around! I’m also able to walk longer distances, but occasionally need to rest. The pain is still the worst in the morning but rather than 10/10.. it’s more like a 5-6/10! And then i start moving and it seems to get better. I still have the numbness and tingling down my leg and in my foot/toes, but at least I can move and do things for myself now. 

I also started working with PT and I can’t wait to get back and be able to get stronger and better. I feel a little more encouraged now that I’m seeing progress. It’s funny because my back never hurt through any of this, it was just my leg.. but now as my leg starts to get better, my back is starting to hurt… but it’s a back pain i’ve experienced before and that has gone away in the past with rest. I’m also feeling more encouraged after reading about Annie Thorisdotter’s back injury. Not that I ever plan on or ever will compete in The Games, but it’s reassuring to know I’ll be able to get back to the gym and throw weight around again. 


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