meaty little chicken thighs

i am not a fan of chicken, especially chicken breast. they’re so bland and dry, most of the time. ill try chicken but most of the time, unless if it’s fried chicken, it doesn’t taste good to me. so as a “healthier” option, i’ve been cooking chicken thighs! they’re so much juicier and i think soak up flavor much better. (skinless, of course). they also provide higher amounts of niacin, riboflavin, zinc and vitamin b-6, all good things to help with energy conversion! 

my boyfriend and i recently have been loving this recipe. it’s super simple and quick! good for both lunch and dinner, what more could you ask for! … honey mustard chicken! 



1/4c whole seed dijon mustard

1/2c dijon mustard

1/4c honey

fresh or dried rosemary

pink himalayan salt (or regular sea salt)

chix thighs (6 small-medium sized ones come in our package we get at TJ’s)

1. Rinse chicken thighs and sprinkle both sides of each thigh with salt.

2. Mix the mustards, honey and rosemary together. 

3. Drench thighs in mustard-honey mix. 

Refrigerate them for an hour or you can put ’em immediately on a skillet with some oil and cook ’em! 

Careful, if there are too many mustard seeds and the heat is too high, they’ll jump out of the pan! 

I like to serve these derricious meaty little chix thighs with a cranberry-goat cheese farro salad (obvi, the farro salad’s not paleo)



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